Hi, everyone!

I’m back, I’ve got far too many college degrees now, and I’m really feeling excited about finishing some writing. Grad school doesn’t necessarily stop me entirely from writing (I end up binge-writing romance scenes as procrastination) but it does keep me from doing it in a productive or organized way.

As things stand currently, I’ll be posting a third section of The Sexy Thesaurus within the next month. My 3 most common requests are words for orgasm, words for, erm, fluids, and words for noises. Jury’s still out on the exact content but I’ve got a vast bookshelf of overread romances that are begging to speak to y’all!

Also, I’m thinking of doing a “sexy word of the week” post on my tumblr. This would be a great place to talk about the connotation of the many words I list. I’ve been very democratic in my thesauruses, because tastes vary, but I do often think about how dated some of the options seem. Let’s be real, some phrases are just weird. Some are icky. (To me, at least.) Some tell me a teenage boy has written them. We should talk about this! I’m looking in to how that could crosspost to the blog as well.

Finally, the real writing stuff – I’m midway through a sequel to NWNG. My first priority is releasing a collection of sexy shorts It’s live!!! Get it here!, followed next by the sequel! Upcoming after that will be the Greek myth retelling I’ve been hinting at over the past two years – I’m very excited about that.

Since I’ve been gone so long, I wanted to give you another chance to check out Nothing Wagered, Nothing Gained for FREE before we get talking about the next in the series, so for the weekend, Friday and Saturday (1/12 – 1/13) it will be available as a free Kindle book! Don’t miss your shot at it!

Stay in touch, and let me know if you have strong opinions about the next Sexy Thesaurus update.



3 thoughts on “An (Overdue) Update!

  1. Very interested about part 3 of the thesaurus. Do you know when it will be coming out?

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